The Top Four Reasons Blogging Is Important for Business | Corona, CA

blogpostsBlogging can be very helpful in today’s social media marketing environment. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational company, blogging is essential to online marketing strategies. There four very important reasons blogging is important for business, which includes driving traffic, increasing your SEO/SERP, positioning your brand as an industry leader and developing better customer relations. The following explain why each point is important for business:

Drives Traffic to Your Site- Blogging gives your business the opportunity to create relevant content for you customers. Make the blog your websites foundation for you social media platforms. If you have your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, you can post links –with relevant visuals- of your blog on your social site. This gives your social followers a reason to click through to your website. In addition, you can post links directly in your blogs to drive traffic to your landing pages of your site.

Increase SEO/SERP- Blogging will increase your SEO. Creating fresh content is still a key to outranking your competitors in the search engine results. Be sure to use keywords in your articles. Make a list of keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. Blogging regularly about your business, industry, and product or customer lifestyle will increase your search keywords.

Position Your Brand as an Industry Leader- Articles that are written will demonstrate your company as an industry leader. Be sure to post topics that resonate with your target audience and show your knowledge about your product or service. You customers will benefits from the learning you provide them with.

Develop Better Customer Relations- Blogs can provide another source to deepen the connection with your customers. When connecting directly on your site, your potential customers are able to get to know your products or services. You should also respond to customers comments and interact with your followers on social media.

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Top 4 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Important | Corona, CA

ThinkstockPhotos-166107706There are many ways to get your business noticed, and one way is through social media marketing. While many people use social media for personal reasons, there are also many businesses that are using it as a marketing platform now. It’s no surprise that online marketing can improve your overall marketing strategies. I’ve compiled a list of a four reasons why social media marketing is so important in this day and age.

Helps Drives Traffic- Everyone that owns a website wants to increase their overall traffic, and that’s where social media comes in.  Social media is a great way for others to refer or even share personalized content. Not to mention, most people spend more time one social media than they do websites.

Branding- Each and every profile is personalized and unique, meaning can give your brand a personality on social media. The vibe your profile gives off, how you interact with your customers and how you look on social media all encompass the characteristics of your overall brand. For some business their social media can be more important than their website.

Mobile-Friendly- As many know, websites must be mobile friendly if you want people to visit, this applies to social media as well. Keep in mind that most internet browsing is done using a mobile device, so be sure to plan accordingly when you develop your social strategy. Take into consideration that everything can be shared through social media.

Engagement- Communication is key when it comes to any business. Positive engagement with your target audience leads to an improved reputation and will deepen the connection with your customers.

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Why Your Website Must Be Mobile-Friendly | Corona, CA

Mobile-Friendly Did you know that most internet browsing is actually done on mobile phones? Most people in this day of age have smartphones, and using a smartphone has become one of the more preferred methods to browse the web these days. In fact, 60% of internet searches are done on mobile devices and that number will continue to rise as the mobile world keeps on advancing over time. This makes is extremely important that your website mobile-friendly. The following list includes a few reasons why your website must be mobile-friendly:

  • Because Google Says So- Most of use our smartphones to search for restaurants, hotels, and certain products constantly. If your site is not mobile-friendly it won’t be coming up in Google as well as it may have been before. Google’s new algorithm is penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.
  • Everyone Use Mobile Phones- As I mentioned earlier, nearly 60% of searches are done using smartphones. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s most likely going to be difficult to navigate and your visitor may end up navigating away from your website, which in turn increases your bounce rates.
  • Increases Chances of More Visitors- Mobile friendly sites are easier for visitors to navigate. Mobile-friendly sites make for a better user experience, which increases the chances of the visitor returning top your website. Your visitors may also refer your company to others if your site is mobile friendly.
  • You Can Lose Business- If you’re only using a standard website you are most likely losing business, that’s if you already haven’t already. Many people are leaving computers or laptops in the dust for mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, I assure that you will eventually lose business.

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What Are The Best Practices For Image Management?

ThinkstockPhotos-166107706There is no doubt that including images on your website or mobile app draws the interest of viewers and leads to stronger engagement. For example, posts that include images produce nearly 600 percent higher engagement compared to text-only posts. You should be using images that grab your viewers’ attention as to produce more growth for your business. This is mostly due to the evolution of the way us humans have started to think over the last decade. In other words, our attention spans are waning. So how can businesses and brands adapt to the way we’re evolving? To help your brand adapt to these ongoing changes I have complied a list for the best practices for image management.

  • Optimize Images. It’s extremely important to optimize your images for better performance. Image optimization involves using images with the smallest possible files that you can while also maintaining visual quality. By doing this, you will save bytes and speed up the performance of your computer.
  • Simplified Workflow. Everyone one has a specific workflow when it comes to adding images to their website. Many times a designer will create artwork, then a developer will create the images in different sizes to display on various devices. The developer will then store multiple versions and write the script that enables the correct versions to be selected and delivered to each user. Ideally, you want the process to be automated as much as possible.
  • Move To HTTP/2. Although websites have changed dramatically in looks and styles over the years, the underlying HTTP has pretty much remained the same, until now, with the approval of HTTP/2 protocol. The use of HTTP/2 can help optimize your images to improve the overall user experience on you app or website.

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What Is a Turnkey Website? | Website Design Corona, CA


Several people and companies try to sell their products or services online, but many of them don’t have the right “tools” or knowledge to do develop a website on their own. That’s where turnkey websites come into play. I’m sure you’re wondering “What is a turnkey website and how can it help benefit me and/or my company?”

Turnkey websites are prebuilt websites. This type of website is sold as a completely functioning website that come with scripts, affiliate programs, pre-written content, and images already built in. This means that you don’t have to worry about designing, development or hosting your website. Also, with the help of a turnkey website, you can also establish your website as professional and credible from day one. In other words, turnkey websites are easy, no hassle and ready to go once handed over to you. How much more simple can it get?

There are a myriad of benefits that come from a turnkey website, it can help the average entrepreneur looking to expand business. If they are new to the online world, a turnkey website can be the perfect way to “test the waters”. Especially, if they’re involved in marketing, sales or communications, a turkey page may be exactly what they need.

Turnkey websites can also be used for many other things including backlinks. Say you already have an existing website, using a turnkey website as a backlink can generate your visitors to link back to your main website. As you can see, there are many benefits that come along with a turnkey website, so be sure to take advantage.

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Incorporating Personality into Online Marketing | Corona, CA

When you market through social media, online advertising, and/or SEO optimization, you’re marketing in an attempt to establish your personal brand, products or services. If you are doing the latter, your online marketing should reflect your personality and should make your company stand out from your competitors. Most popular companies that we interact have personal distinctions, which usually results in consistent loyalty. When you add personality into your company and online marketing, your effort should receive the same type of customer loyalty.

Several customers aren’t looking to be “sold to” and to interact solely with the company, but rather to interact with other humans, if needed, while browsing their products and/or services. This is why your online marketing strategy should focus on ‘humanizing’ your company.

Ways to Incorporate Personality in Online Marketing

  • About Us- In the “About Us” section on your website, explain who you are as a person, not just as professional. Add personal touches, such as your hobbies, how many children you have or where you graduated from. This type of personal information helps reassure potential customers that they’re interacting with an actual human being.
  • Social Media- For social media campaigns, use stories that catch the attention of your followers. Facebook or Instagram posts should reflect what makes you human, rather than coming off robotic or informational. According to research, people remember stories more than information. Stories are a wonderful way to personalize your company.
  • Images- Stock photos have had their importance throughout the last 10 to 15 years, however, they are becoming more obsolete nowadays. Although stock photos have their uses, they can take away from the personality of your company. Take your own photos to post on social media. If the photos are pleasing to the eyes, try adding some onto the website itself.

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4 Myths about Responsive Web Design

ThinkstockPhotos-166107706There are many responsive web design myths that people are talking about, but unfortunately, not everyone knows what they’re talking about. You may even come across something on the internet and get the wrong idea about responsive web design, which I’ll be addressing. You may end up confused with the overload of information you come upon, but I’m here to set the facts straight. The following is a list of a few myths about responsive web design:

Myth #1: Responsive design is only for mobile optimization.

Fact: The recent growth of internet browsing on a mobile device has everyone wanting responsive web design, and it does play a big role in this concept. But that is not the only thing that matters. It’s also about considering the types of users and the devices they are using. There are many other devices that need optimization other than mobile, such as tablets and televisions. The aim of responsive web design is to make a website conform to any size screen, using any type of internet connection. Responsive design goes far beyond mobile devices.

Myth #2: Responsive design and SEO is limited.

Fact: SEO is so strongly connected to responsive design, Google actually announced that they actually prefer responsive design. It can boost your site in an organic search if you use a responsive design. Google’s goal is to give the users what they want, and the major search engines will not give your high rating if your website is not user friendly for the mobile audience.

Myth #3: “Mobile first” means that you shouldn’t focus on the original website.

Fact: Of course, if you’re thinking mobile first, you should be thinking users first, which means a better user experience on both the mobile and original site. The concept of responsive web design features a well thought-out way to offer users a better experience, no matter what type of device they’re viewing it from.

Myth #4: Content will become hidden in responsive design.

Fact: This would be true if you hired a web designer that didn’t know what they were doing. The purpose of responsive design is to make content easily accessible. Hiding content is never anything a seasoned web designer would do. That’s madness.

The ins and outs of what makes responsive design successful can be difficult to comprehend, as it’s not an exact science. However, it is known to help improve the success of many companies.

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Truth About Content Marketing

Website Development

You have seen many articles, seminars, marketing blogs and even heard people say that all your business needs to succeed online is quality content. If you have good content, you don’t have to worry about anything else. While good content can help, the truth is: good content won’t don’t anything for you unless you promote it.

Once you’ve created good content, whether it be a video or article, there is no guarantee that people will view it, or even see it at all. It could be an incredible piece of content, but it doesn’t matter unless that content is easily accessible and has hundreds of views by your target audience. Google, Facebook, YouTube and etc. are very crowded websites. A video or article you post can get lost within minutes to seconds. In order for your content to reach your target audience, you have to market and promote it steadily.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can do that. First of all, when you create and publish your content, you must tag it, create ads and add keywords correctly. If your content is a video, for example, you should tag it with whatever you think someone else may be looking for when you want them to find your video. You should include very specific tags and even some generic ones as well. Post the content on all of your social media platform, and if you aren’t signed up for any, get to it! Share it on sites where your target audience is likely to be, such as Facebook. You can post your company’s page there. If you have a blog, put it there.

Having great content is awesome, but you need people to view it in order for it to work out to your advantage. Don’t let the silly lie that the quality of your content is all that matters. Instead, be sure that you are promoting your content everywhere and draw in as much of your target audience as you possibly can.

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Tips to Create a Great Website Footer

506932373Oftentimes, people put their websites footer on the back burner. However, what they fail to realize is the importance of it. While this area of your website isn’t generally designed impressively, visitors frequently look at your footer for important information, so it is critical that you don’t neglect this area when designing your website.

But what elements should you include? How can you keep your footer organized and in line with the overall aesthetics of your website? The following is a list of a few ways that you can create a great website footer:

  • Keep it simple. When you’re dealing with a lot of information, the key is to make the design clean and simple. This makes it easier for your customer to locate information they’re looking for and extract it as efficiently as needed. Make sure your footer has a clean element, plenty of space and is organized with purpose.
  • Provide links to information. Two of the most important links in your website’s footer are the “About Us” and “Contact Us”. When visitors land on your website they usually want to know more about your company, team members and how they can get in contact with them. This is an extremely vital tool, as this is where people go if they lose your contact information.
  • Provide basic contact information. Aside from including a link to a full “Contact Us’ page, you should also include relevant contact information in your footer. It’s best to include your phone numbers, email address and physical address.
  • Arrange footer by importance. Your website footer should contain some type of hierarchy of the elements within the area. You can divide information in columns or rows and arranged by relevance, such as contact, links, services, social media and sections of your most popular pages.
  • Include a copyright notice. Including a copyright notice is very important to your security and can save you from facing several problems. A copyright notice can be included in the small circular “c” symbol. This text also includes the name of the copyright owner and year of publication.
  • Include a call-to-action. All of the best websites have a call-to-action, some believing adding one last call-to-action in their footer can add that extra nudge visitors need to go through with it. Be sure to keep the call-to-action brief and to the point if you do decide to add it to your footer.
  • Use graphic elements. Too often website footers are just a block of text. For added visual interest, you should add logos or graphic elements. Just be sure that you don’t overload the footer to the point it looks cluttered. Think of it this way: rather than spelling out “Follow me on Facebook or Twitter”, add the icons instead.
  • Maintain the websites theme. Your website footer should not look like it was an afterthought. It should match the overall design of your website. The colors, styles and graphic elements should all mirror the overall tone of your website. Don’t make the common mistake of adding a “box” footer that doesn’t match. Think about this space when designing the overall website from the start.

The website footer is very important part of your overall web design. Be sure that you provide the right mix of information, design elements and usability to get the most from your footer and overall website.

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Tips for Improving Content Marketing


The world of online marketing is always changing. There are many methods of online marketing that may not have seemed effective just a few years ago that are now cutting edge, and vice versa. One example of this is content marketing, where several businesses aren’t investing enough time to increase their potential. Having great content associated with your business will make you more prominent. This is essential if you want to connect with your target audience and gain potential followers. If your content isn’t up to par, there are many ways you can improve your company’s content marketing.

Content for the Customer

You should first consider what potential customers may be looking for. If it is a certain question they may have, your content should be able to answer that. If a visitor has never heard of your company, but they find content that is relevant to what they are looking for, you’ve gained their interest and may have a potential customer.

To be sure that your visitors are satisfied with your company’s content, you must make sure that your text and content itself is strong. Don’t just throw a bunch of information on a website and expect is to attract visitors. Write and organize your information in a way that it will be interesting, simple and informative.

Include Visuals  

Aside from writing, you should be sure to include images in your content. You can include graphics, pictures, or video of your product or services to give your visitor a better idea about your company. Having real pictures of people using your product or service can add a personal touch and make your visitor feel more connected as well. These types of visuals can easily be shared around social media.

Content Marketing and Social Media

It’s important to have a strong presence on social media in online marketing, especially when it comes to your content. Pick a social media platform that works best for you and frequently publish content that may be of interest to your followers and target audience. It can be a little difficult to publish content on a regular basis, so try to divide your content into different sections or alter articles to focus on different points. Social media users love visual content, so be sure to post visuals, whether it be videos or pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, content has become increasingly important in the online marketing world when it comes to selling a product or service. You must be prepared to provide each visitor with the information they’re looking for, while gaining their attention and making a good first impression.

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